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Risky on the Rocks, #80

How many years have you played roller derby?

3 years.

Why derby? What drew you to play this sport?

It's a great source of "therapy"! It allows me to work out frustrations in a healthy and productive member, all while bonding with some really tough people. As a bartender and night shift worker, it encourages me to not dive head first into the party culture that often surrounds this type of work. Nothing is worse than derby practice with a hangover!

What’s your favorite position to play?

When I started, I loved jamming. This season, I've really fallen in love with blocking, but maybe I still have a soft spot for jamming. Just don't tell Coach!

What’s one random fact about you?

When I was 5 years old I was hit in the face by an oxen, requiring over 40 stitches and cosmetic surgery.